Animal Cruelty At It’s Peak!

Why would you do this to any animal? why? I just don’t understand what is wrong with people and their actions, why would they want to hurt an animal who is so naive and innocent, and just because he cannot complain about his pain, it doesn’t means he doesn’t feels it, he feels every inch of pain that you cause him yet these people don’t realize.

Watch Here

When I see people making laughing emojis on such videos, it literally breaks my heart and makes me so angry that I wish to simply ask them that if they were to live the life of a Homeless animal then they would know how difficult it is to survive in a land where the two legged monsters are after his life.

We have to make this society a better place for animals to live in else, they would be killed for either entertainment or for fun! We have to stop animal cruelty as it is something that we can help the mankind to learn some ethics towards every living being.

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