It Can Also Get Exhausting For Dog Moms!

Parenthood is very challenging because it comes with great sacrifices whether for Human or Animal, they both share the same sentiments. Hence we should value the love of a mother at all times because it is for them that we have come so far!

Watch Here

I remember when my Kate gave birth to cute little puppies, ofcourse like others her little ones use to follow her everywhere once set loose, else once they were in their pen they couldn’t bother her. The best time was when she was done with her feeding time, she use to hop out her pen and rest right next to me, there I use to understand that she wants me to pet her so she can rest.

All animals are very cute and loving irrespective to every other factor, their love is beyond everything. I wish I could make such a place where I could give every animal a better life to live just as they want.

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