Help Us Raise Funds To Feed The Animals

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well and staying protective from all the viruses that have spread across the globe. Today, I won’t be sharing any news or stories about the rescues as I have an important appeal to make to all of you. Like you all know that I have rescued animals and it really gets difficult to feed many of them, one of the sponsor I have he is very kind that he sends me the money every month and by that I am able to buy food for the animals that I care for.

In order to raise funds, I need your help, I need assistance on my pocket as it gets really difficult to feed the strays, all I want is that you can send me the money and by that I can get the 3 male cats neutered so that the reproduction reduces in Cats, as the soon as the season arrives the female cats start getting pregnant hence the population increases and then the number of kitten increases hence the accidents occurs and then the worries multiplies.

I want you to spread the word and help me raise funds so the more I can feed the animals and get the male cats treated.

Thank you!

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