Dogs Are Good Healers

Ever heard about this? This is a known fact and I would say that I can relate to it. They are good healers as in if their pet owner is not feeling well or in under certain depression or is having anxiety attacks- they simply come close to their owners and take their negativity vibes as well as toxins that their owners release. This way, the pet owners recover from their illnesses.

I can relate to this as I have felt the recovery and I hope people who have faced this similar situation would agree to this statement.

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Author: Hena Osman

An Animal Lover, Blogger for Animal Rights, Animal Enthusiast, Animal Whisperer and an Animal Activist. My blog is all about Educating and Creating Awareness about Animals co-existence in our society. There is a void which is still existing in the mindsets of the people and my articles are all about clearing the concept about how well Humans and Animals can live together on this land with full freedom.

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