Sunday Post: Nutty Clicks His Pictures

Would you believe it if I tell you that my Cat, Nutty, clicked his own pictures? Previously it was my Tiger way back in 2019, and now this time it’s Nutty and I am not astonished because, these cats are very well aware with the Camera situated at the back of the camera and they also know that Humans hold a device in their hand from which they make a video or click a picture.

Nutty had placed his hand on the button of the on the cell phone which automatically clicked his pictures, and there are many that I can share and ultimately it would spam my Blog.

Does your cat does the same or is it only mine, who has extra efficient qualities.

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2 responses to “Sunday Post: Nutty Clicks His Pictures”

  1. mnismail Avatar

    Well trained
    Well tamed


    1. Hena Osman Avatar

      Thank you! All of my cats are the same


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