Animals Are Not A Christmas Gift

It is that time of the year where everyone is taking their trip to the Animal Shelter or friend’s place to adopt or shop a pet for Season Holidays.

It is traumatic and hurtful for the animals because at one time you make them feel happy, you give them all the good food, family, a cozy place to sleep in with their Humans and all of the sudden after a certain period of time, you simply abandon them to such place where they won’t be able to survive, ever wondered how they feel?

How would you learn about their feeling because to you, they are just an animal and a source of entertainment which is totally wrong an unethical on your part. It is your responsibility to take care of the Animals just the way you take care of your own child because as per the recent research and studies, it clearly states that a Human Child brain works similar to the brain of an Animal, they share the same emotions, feelings and sentiments as the young age of a Human Child, therefore, if you cannot take care of a pet then don’t have them at the first place because these Animals are very caring and loving and in return they just require love and care, if you cannot give and share these basics of life then it’s better that you don’t keep a pet and give them the trauma of life forever!

Live and let live-if you cannot give them a home and then don’t bother giving them false hope!

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