Saturday Post: Bidding Farewell to 2022 On A Good Note!

Hello to all my dear readers, hoping all of you are keeping yourself safe and taking a very good care of your loved and dear ones. This is the moment that we all have been looking forward to and hoping for as we step in the New Year 2023! Woah, and just like that it seems as if the year passed by. During the first few months of this year, we were being delighted, thankful to our Lord for blessing us with new life, good health, those who lost their dear ones, my heart goes out to them. I wouldn’t be wrong if I’d say that this year has been a bit tough, but it kept on going atleast, we should be thankful in every aspect because I feel that it’s the gratitude we show towards the nature, and it does repay you back. This year has been by the grace of Almighty been blessed for me that I got awarded for being an Iron Lady (Sinf-e-Ahan) Award, being Founder of Hena’s Blog for Paws for making an impact on the society by speaking and working for the Awareness of the existence of the Animals on this land. I was awarded for Woman Achievement as being the Animal Activist and Animal whisperer for the rights of the Animals, also, Best Pet Blog and Animal Activist. Woah! Alhumdulillah, Alhumdulillah, Alhumdulillah. This year has been blessed in this aspect.

I cannot even forget that I lost my dear pet of 13 years, my Diesel on 9th September 2022, I shall remember this date until the end of my time because it was Diesel, who made me believe in myself, because he was the source of inspiration to me as he made me write my articles on difference aspect as because I had him with me. Indeed, the loss of a pet is traumatic, and I hope and pray that none of you go through this pain as it is an irreplaceable loss.

This was my wrap up of the year, I do understand the fact that there are ups and downs in everyone lives, we cannot force anyone to stay as nothing stays forever, but all I would say is:

Do good to every being on this land, because you never know, who gives a prayer in your favor. Life is hard for everyone, the least that we can do is, be kind to all, specially to the furry friends because we need them the most instead of they needing us. They make us a Better Human, so if you get a little chance, don’t waste by thinking twice, give a lending hand to the little one and you shall be blessed with so much that you could have ever imagined“.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2022!

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