Keep A Close Look On Your Outdoor Pets!

It’s been in the news that how the weather is supposed to change and is expected to change drastically, so kindly make sure that your outdoor pets are safe and secure. It is not only concerned for the weather to affect animals though, but it is because of the heavy rainfall and snow that can cause severe damage to your pets health. Due to snow, you would be landlocked in your premises, as of course you won’t be able to travel to the Vet immediately.

Most importantly, the fact is that the extreme weather can cause as following:

1- Heavy nose bleeding due to change of extreme weather;

2- Lethargy or sleepiness;

3- If your pet remains under cold weather, then you would notice that the pet has developed cold and flu;

Therefore, it is always directed to keep your Pets indoor because Animals tend to hide and seek shelter when it starts raining, if you have certain breeds of Dogs who loves to play in water, it is then strictly directed to keep them indoors, as staying long hours in water is not safe for your Pets.

Stay safe and keep your pets indoors!

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