Friday Post: Did You Know?

Hello readers! This month we are now bringing back our “Did You Know” section where we will be sharing all the informative material, images, news, reviews about everything that you would need to know about Animals and their Species.

Today, we have with us about how to determine what symptoms is your Dog showing, meaning, how to identify his Anxiety or Depression State. The image shared is about the sign your dog would show, if he is being fearful of something or is in the state of anxiety. It is okay to understand your dog, instead of shouting at him for what is not under his control as well. When you are in panic state or having a panic attack, our and theirs state of mind is similar under such circumstances and hence we are supposed to understand and act accordingly instead of being harsh on the pet. Usually it is learned that Pet owners often don’t give a heed to the health of their pet, neither understand these signs if they pet is being scared of something, or if he is even developing a state of fear or panic. It is your responsibility to take care of your pet as you do to your child. They might not be having the communication skill, but you do know that it is your liability to keep an eye on what and how your pet is doing.

It is always better to identify at the early stage before things get out of hand and out of control, as because, Animals are unpredictable and hence their health varies from age to breed to eating habits. Always keep your vet informed on how your pet is doing, keep a close check on the Vaccinations as it is very important to have all the shots taken at their time.

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