Sunday Post: Good News!

I am so glad to announce that most of you have alot of complains of visiting the Vets but they they don’t have either time or parking isn’t available most of the times. So today, I am sharing that Mr. Kamil Nawaz has clearly mentioned in his IG account of his Vet Services, that he is giving 20% off for 20 days on the mentioned services in the image.

Avail this limited time discount and take your Pets and rescued animals for immediate vet visit. Not to forget, you can call on the given number and book your appointment in order to avoid any que also, you can be rest assured by the handling of Vets.

His home visit includes: General checkup, Surgeries, Deworming, Dental Scaling, Grooming and many more.

His contact #03366587872

For further details get in touch with me through Contact Box!

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