What To Think Before You Own A Pet

We have been always wanted people to adopt and don’t shop, as all the shelters are filled with adorable animals who have been either left behind by their owners or abandoned for another breed. These Shelters have kept these animals so that they can be adopted one day by good family. If you would adopt an animal from the shelter, this would lessen the burden on the Shelter Homes of euthanizing all the animals at the end of the year, there is no other option for them, I didn’t know this until I got to know when I was speaking to a Senior person at the Shelter home in Oklahoma.

He told me that most of the shelters get out of space and they don’t have space for taking care of the Animals neither they can rescue any, so after pushing people to get the animals adopted-once they know people don’t turn over, they send all the animals to kill shelter (sadly), this is the bitter truth. To avoid sending the animals to Kill Shelter, I request you to please adopt the Animals, there is nothing wrong in them, they are just left by their owner in search of another Breed. Though for me, I don’t consider being breed conscious any bad, but it’s just that, the greed of having breeds only has made it more difficult for the other animals to be adopted because, everyone is running behind the Breed Race. Domestic Animals, whether it is a bird, cat or dog-always make sure that you are thoroughly aware of the responsibility you would own once you have your own pet. Living in the West, has it own pros and cons, like living in the East, things are pretty different, we have a whole house, we have house help available round the clock and people are available to do the chores whenever needed.

You need to be sure about the pointers below:

1. Animals are not a thing, they need their own space and toys to jell in the house;

2. They require your time, attention and love, to understand you to communicate and to learn how to coupe up together in the family;

3. Don’t leave them unattended with children, Children and Pets, are not predictable hence, it is your responsibility to stay with and around your children when they are with pets;

4. Understand their behavioral changes, it’s important;

5. Form the bonding first, before hammering your tone over them, not to forget, Animals have the same brain as of a Human Child at the age of 4, be gentle and polite with them;

6. Remember- Love is the key to melt mountains.

If you follow these points, I am sure, you will be able to form a beautiful bond with your pets. Because, at the end of the day, these Animals make us a better person at heart and soul.

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