Precautions To Consider For Your Indoor Pets In Summers

Every year our Country faces terrible heat wave, it may be a bit different this year as heat wave hasn’t been witnessed but yes the summers are here and it’s pretty humid making the climate pretty warm as if living in a volcano. We have been telling everyone to keep their pets safe and indoors during these hot weather days, since it also gets warmer for them to stay outdoor, yet there have been multiple cases of dogs and cats being found unattended in their out yard in the heat. What makes us bit worried is that, people often forget that Animals also can sense cold and hot weather, they can suffer both weathers to the worst. Therefore, it is always pleaded and requested that to keep pets safe and indoors no matter what time of the day or night it is. The extreme weather can be life threatening for the Animals.

How can you take care of your Pet Dogs, scroll down below to find out:

1- Keep your pets indoors;

2- Keep them hydrated by placing clean cool (mix) water in a bowl;

3- Preferably give them liquified milk, means by mixing 1/2cup of milk with 1cup of water;

4- Make sure they are bathed often specially in summers.

It is not always recommended to get your pets hair shaved as their hair acts like a coverage for being exposed to heat. The hair prevents their skin against sun burns and being heat stroked. So, make sure you visit your pet’s vet for the advice as usually it is not recommended, especially when we talk about Asia. There are Hairy dogs or the breeds which are meant for cooler place but eventually people (who are able to afford) buy such breeds and keep them as a pet. Then they have to cater to their needs as they are high maintenance Breeds. Recently someone approached me to have a word regarding buying Siberian Husky for Pakistan. Before he went on, I simply asked him “Would you be able to provide him the weather that this Breed needs?”, he replied “It’s just a dog and I’ll keep him in a cage”. His reply didn’t shock me because I was expecting such a weird reply from someone who must be having a lot of money but no sense on how to use that money on that Breed. Sadly. This behavior makes my blood boil because how can one think so small. Isn’t a Dog a living being? Isn’t he supposed to be respected as a living being, this land is equally meant for Animals just like Humans. It is utmost important to make such an enclosure or a place where the specific breed which is used to of living in a cooler place, shall have a place like it’s own habitat, provided proper shelter, food, water and space. Siberian Huskies are for cooler regions and it is not anything to be proud of to be keeping a Husky in a Country like Pakistan where the weather is drastically changing and is making everyone’s life a disaster.

When will this behavior stop and when will our government put an end to Animal Abuse and Cruelty at all levels. It is time that we start using social media for the right purpose.

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4 responses to “Precautions To Consider For Your Indoor Pets In Summers”

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    nice ! good read .

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    Hey there! We absolutely love reading people’s blogs and the entertaining content that creators like you share . Your unique experiences enriches the vibrant online community that we all cherish . Keep sharing and empowering your audience, because your words can make a significant impact on the world. We can’t wait to see what you’ll share next!

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  3. HeelBoyHeel Avatar

    An important reminder about how to take care of our pets during the summer season! So important to keep them safe and hydrated indoors, and avoid shaving their hair. Thanks for sharing!


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    Hi there! We deeply appreciate exploring people’s blogs and the entertaining articles that creators like you share . Your authentic voice enhances the diverse online community that we all treasure . Keep sharing and inspiring your audience, because your creativity can make a enduring difference in the digital sphere. We are eagerly looking forward to discover what you’ll share next!

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