Sunday Post: Life Of A Stray Animal

The life of a stray animal is unpredictable and unsafe, yet Humans label them as ‘ugly’. If only one day we get to live their life, we would know the stories of behind their sad eyes. Every single day, these animals try to find shelter for themselves and their offsprings, little do they know that by laying under the car is more dangerous and unsafe for them, because they don’t know that Humans are the worst beings on this planet, who are always after greed and for their greed, they would do anything.

I always support the fact of feeding the strays, because these Animals have no one to take care of them and if we as a society, come together and start feeding these strays, then they would turn out to be the best guards of the Society and you would feel safe around them. It’s not necessary that if a dog is running after you, it wants to bite you, if the dog is barking so it will attack you, NO, you have to understand their mindset, you need to know that these Animals have been living on the streets and they know how they have come so far and that too alive. Like not all Humans are same, similarly not all dogs are Rabid Dogs. This is the lack of knowledge in people that they don’t want to understand that all the dogs are not infected.

Just feed them on daily basis, then watch them becoming yours. They are innocent animals and just like Humans have been blessed with the characteristics, similarly our Lord has blessed every animal with defense characteristic and hence, they use it when it’s necessary.

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