Purpose Of Animals In Our Society

It is okay to understand the mentality of our masses who think that stray dogs and cats are a menace to their lives. At times, these stray dogs end up biting Humans and it’s a threat to have them around. For cats, they say that they keep on entering the homes of the people and steal the food or eat away from it which is another a chaos for such people.

It is therefore said to poison the whole lot, so the life of the people can be at ease. My question to the authorities is: “Who are they to decide the death of a living being?” Why is it that the higher authorities don’t build a proper place for the poor strays for them to live freely. Every life matters and every life deserves to live as per his/her free will. This is such a disgrace to Humanity that we gave nothing to the less privilege but took everything possible from them. Sad! We should value ourselves and the purpose of our life. No nation has succeeded without taking care of one another, therefore as citizens it is our bountiful duty to take care of our society and make it a better place to live in.

It is ridiculous to notice that how people have not yet learned any lesson in these years. Covid struck us badly, dropped down the businesses, people lost their jobs and everyone was hand to mouth because they were all to remain home and stay safe! People are still not learning any lesson from all of this, they are still doing the same mistake but they forget that now the Lord shall not forgive them for their unjustice behavior with the Animals.

With the hype of animal cruelty, I really now believe with the fact that people have lost their mental stability and now are headed to hell.

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