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  • A RunAway Elephant Shot Dead!

    Life in a captivity tends to get over soon comparing to the life span of those animals who live in the wild. Elephants survive well when live in herds. Like Humans, even in anima kingdom, there are certain of them who prefer to live with family and stays together forever. It is very hurtful that […]

  • An Eye Opening Factor

    Animals are not source of entertainment. They belong to their own habitat and once they are out of their comfort zone they tend to lose their health, appetite and the will power to live life in captivity. Obviously who would want to live in a captivity! One should always think in the same way similarly […]

  • Are Animals A Source Of Entertainment?

    Are Animals A Source Of Entertainment?

    Life is lived once and it is meant to be lived righteously. This is what we are taught as a child. What happens when we grow into a responsible adult? Do we abide the teachings of our elders, do we act wisely? What makes us a Human? Why are we proud to be the Superior […]