Find Out How To Treat Your Dog’s Cold

In our previous post, we had discussed about Cat’s Cold and how to treat it during winters. Today we shall be discussing about Dogs and their treatment and symptoms of Influenza.

During fall and winter, Influenza is on the rise for our Canines and Felines. It is very important for the pet owner to have the knowledge on how to treat it. There are many steps that dog owners can take to keep their pets safe and sound during the flu season. The dog flu is contagious respiratory disease which needs an immediate care.

Check out below on how to identify flu in your dogs.

Symptoms of Dog Influenza (Flu):

  • Sneezing
  • Fever
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Loud Cough
  • Runny nose as in nasal discharge
  • Eye discharge as in yellowish green mucus
  • Heavy breathing
  • Lack of Energy

Don’t panic! We have the cure on how to prevent Canine Influenza from spreading.

Check the points below:

  • Keep your hands clean,
  • Wash your dog belongings with soap thoroughly,
  • If you have another dog who is yet not targeted by flu then keep him away,
  • Remember that the virus stays up to 24 hours on your hands

Always remember no matter how clean you keep yourself and your pet, it always essential to take care of your sick pet first-by all means. Making sure that the sick pet is kept away in his designated place, with clean blanket and his bed, clean water kept all by to himself. The reason it is emphasized on keeping the sick dog away from others is because, if you have other dogs living with you and their puppies, then the situation gets a bit difficult on the little ones and similarly to the senior dogs with respiratory issues.

It is also considered that, if your dog doesn’t recovers within two weeks then it means that he has to be rushed to the Vet, immediately.

Always remember- your pets are your family and treat them as one when they fell ill, as they need us more-than we need them!

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