Sunday Post: You Never Know Who Needs Your Help

There is always a time for being kind, and being kind needs nothing more than a heart and a good gesture of lending a helping hand.

Always remember that the good you do to others, the good would always happen to you. This is how universe works.

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Ear Infection In Pets

With the passage of time, just like the increase in population, the illness has taken different forms. We at times are unable to or are unaware of identifying the problems which intend to occur in our dear friends.

Ear infection occurs in pets and are to be treated on time before they take any other horrible form of illness. It is not a sickness as it can be treated but, if treated on time, it will heal and if it doesn’t then it might be life threatening. Otitis externa is commonly known as ear infection and it is a inflammation of the ear canal. It can be caused by parasites, yeast or a bacterial infection. This is basically the top claims for canine and it has turned out to be the highest claim as submitted by the dog owners.

Symptoms of ear infection:

  • Shaking of the pet’s head
  • Reddening or thick and scale skin around the ear
  • Abnormal discharge / bad odor from the ear
  • Ear dropped

Dog parents who believe that their pets have an ear infection should immediately visit the Vet for a thorough physical examination. The Vet then shall after conduction a check-up shall advise the treatment of pet’s Otitis external. You shouldn’t worry as it can be treated by proper cleaning and by following a course of medication through either ear drops, antibiotics, ointments.


No matter if you are not a Vet, but you are a Pet Parent and as a responsible parent you need to be careful what treatment and examination is being conducted by the Vet. You shouldn’t hesitate in asking any questions about any treatment or query that you have for your pet. Always remember, it is you who is close to your pet and only your love an affection with proper medication and care can help your pet to recover from any illness





“Are You Going To Come Back, Hooman?”

This question lies in the eyes of the poor dog who is tied all day long with a pole, his food bowl kept right beside him with nearly half bowl of dirty water. That poor dog can be seen filled with dirt, and living in his own filth.

A question to all my readers, can we live like that for one day? The answer would be NO.

Being a dog owner, I always make sure that my pet doesn’t feels uncomfortable any time and I try to keep him in his very comfort zone. I always think, Why can’t they live freely? Why are they suppose to be chained all day long? Why can’t we take them as our own family and why do we really have to be harsh on them? These questions often arises and makes me stunned each and every day. The reason I started writing on animal abuse, was to spread awareness to the people who have been not known about the dark reality. How are the animals treated in their neighborhood. It is very essential to step forward, to be the voice of unspoken friend, to be the moral support of someone who would be looking out for help. Be that one person for a day, and see the difference that you would bring in people around you.

There are few questions to which I am in search of it’s answers.

1- Why do people get a pet for themselves?

2- What makes them think to have a pet in their family?

3- Do these people think, animals are not toys or things to be gifted, then played with and to be thrown away?

There are endless questions that my mind thinks of, but unfortunately I am unaware of the answers. Because, I can’t figure out the purpose of treating a living being so harshly.

How many times have you walked out the door, and said a good-bye to your dog? If you did, then you know what I am talking about and if you didn’t, then probably you didn’t see the pain in the eyes of your dog! The pain of being away from his human!

I always mention in my posts, Animals are to be dealt with love and care. To have their trust and to keep it maintained, is something not every pet owner knows of. No wonder, the pet owners don’t feel the pain of abandoning their pets before moving out!

Find Out How To Treat Your Dog’s Cold

In our previous post, we had discussed about Cat’s Cold and how to treat it during winters. Today we shall be discussing about Dogs and their treatment and symptoms of Influenza.

During fall and winter, Influenza is on the rise for our Canines and Felines. It is very important for the pet owner to have the knowledge on how to treat it. There are many steps that dog owners can take to keep their pets safe and sound during the flu season. The dog flu is contagious respiratory disease which needs an immediate care.

Check out below on how to identify flu in your dogs.

Symptoms of Dog Influenza (Flu):

  • Sneezing
  • Fever
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Loud Cough
  • Runny nose as in nasal discharge
  • Eye discharge as in yellowish green mucus
  • Heavy breathing
  • Lack of Energy

Don’t panic! We have the cure on how to prevent Canine Influenza from spreading.

Check the points below:

  • Keep your hands clean,
  • Wash your dog belongings with soap thoroughly,
  • If you have another dog who is yet not targeted by flu then keep him away,
  • Remember that the virus stays up to 24 hours on your hands

Always remember no matter how clean you keep yourself and your pet, it always essential to take care of your sick pet first-by all means. Making sure that the sick pet is kept away in his designated place, with clean blanket and his bed, clean water kept all by to himself. The reason it is emphasized on keeping the sick dog away from others is because, if you have other dogs living with you and their puppies, then the situation gets a bit difficult on the little ones and similarly to the senior dogs with respiratory issues.

It is also considered that, if your dog doesn’t recovers within two weeks then it means that he has to be rushed to the Vet, immediately.

Always remember- your pets are your family and treat them as one when they fell ill, as they need us more-than we need them!

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Hello Winter!

Winter, is the coldest season of the year depending on the location. The farther the area lies from the equator, the colder temperature it experiences. This post shall be about how well you can take care of your pets at home. There have been queries regarding the season change and health issues of pets. You can always get in touch with me , if you want to share your bits or query. Big thank you to all of my followers🙂

Weather effects everyone and everything. Our pets have their humans around to take care of them but what about outdoor cats and dogs? We shall discuss that too in this very post. But for now we are discussing on Felines. You can give outdoor cats shelter from the cold. They do have thick winter coat which helps feral and stray cat winter’s chill, but they still need warm and appropriate sized shelter. It would be so inhumane if we’d say, nothing can harm cats! Well, it’s just a myth. Though, Cats are pretty well adapted for cold weather, but when the temperature lowers below freezing they are more likely to suffer from hypothermia, becoming unconscious just like humans and can freeze to death. It can be considered like, if it is cold for you then definitely it’s cold for your Cat!

Symptoms of Cats Cold:

1. Sniffing

2. Sneezing

3. Runny Nose

4. Pus-like discharge around eyes

5. Difficulty in breathing

6. Feeling Lethargic

7. Cough

All the symptoms above are connected with the signs of your Cat catching cold. If you feel that your cat is not feeling well, immediately call your Vet.

Immediate help & what to give Cat in Cold?

    Keep the eyes and nose free of discharge using a soft cloth or paper towel moistened with warm water;
    Offer warmed canned cat food or meat-based baby food to encourage your cat to eat;
    Provide plenty of fresh water for drinking;
    Do not try to give your cat any kind of medication without consulting your vet as many human medications are toxic to cats;
    Cats who are not interested in food or have especially severe or worsening symptoms should be seen by a veterinarian.

It is very important to keep a check on your pets. Your Cat might not be able to respond well to your tone but, it doesn’t means that you leave them on their own.

Be safe and stay safe!

P.S: Your queries are always welcome and apologies if they are answered little late!