Are Animals A Source Of Entertainment?

Life is lived once and it is meant to be lived righteously. This is what we are taught as a child. What happens when we grow into a responsible adult? Do we abide the teachings of our elders, do we act wisely? What makes us a Human? Why are we proud to be the Superior Living Being? Do you think we deserve this title? Where we are unable to justify our acts, treat other living being as a source of entertainment. Think about it? What is the real purpose of our lives?

This is a never ending argument where there are people, who have their side of story and are able to justify their ‘act’. As a Human, the least that we can do is, be kind to the voiceless beings! We can be sane enough to differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. This is the real meaning of being a Human. Unfortunately, a lot of people on this Earth- are either not giving an ear to the rise of the problems that we as a Nation face. People often who belong from an influential family, believe that they have the right to ‘Shoot‘ and ‘Kill‘ and take their prey home, either used as a ‘Stuffed’ memory or either for fame! On the other hand there are people, who tame dogs, get them crossed, sell their puppies without finding out the Right Home and earn money, whereas, such people exists at the Circus, Zoos and even at the SeaWorld. There has been a video of a Circus which has spread as a virus throughout the Social Media and has created a chaos and devastated the viewers all over the world. Number of Animal Activists and welfares are coming forward to raise a voice against such cruel act.

Watch The Video

Can anyone justify the act? First of all, forget about the performance at the Circus. My point of view is, why was even a Wild Animal trained for such an act? Do they know, what trauma does an animal has to go through? They are wild animals and belong to the wild, it is their right. The poor Tiger can be seen having a seizure when he was forced to cross the burning flame!

There could have been a chaotic scene if that poor tiger was surrounded by other Tigers in the circus. He could have been killed by them. It is their nature, to kill the weaker tiger in the group.

We have to act sanely by making the right decision. What we see in Circus to make our children entertained, is really not worth it. Look at the Zoos, SeaWorld, Circus, it is really not worth taking your kids watch those majestic beauties perform and act in Captivities. They belong to the wild and so let them be.

Let’s join hands and work together on let the Animals live in their own wilderness.





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