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  • Dog Culling On The Rise

    There isn’t any single day when I don’t wake up to the news of Dog Culling, there are multiple people sharing disturbing videos, images where it can be seen how the animals specially dogs were poisoned and how they were killed. My question to you all is in the video below, watch here. Why are […]

  • Happy New Month Of December 2022

    Happy New Month Of December 2022

    It’s the first day of the new month and the last month of the year 2022. I wish all my readers a very happy December 😊, every month has it’s importance and every day has its own significance, for me, I appreciate the Blessings of my Lord which HE has bestowed me with. Nowadays, it’s […]

  • Saturday Post: Be Kind To Them

    Be kind to every living being out there because they also communicate, they also seek refuge, and they also make a prayer. By being kind to them, we are trying to wash away our sins, so every time you feed an animal, always remember that your LORD is looking you from above and sending you […]

  • Christmas Is Round The Corner

    I just wish that this year may be not the same year as the previous years, where the lives of the Animals went on stake by being a birthday gift or a proposal prop on the Christmas Eve and returned or abandoned the other day. Every year, we come up with the same topic because, […]

  • A Homeless Dog Turns Into A Most Famous Dog Of The Country

    This is called an amazing story of a homeless dog turning into a Celebrity. Watch Here I wish every dog on the street gets adopted and none of them would have to live alone. I believe every being deserves love and respect, and we all should work together in helping these animals get adopted to […]