Love Has No Barriers!

Love is unconditional and can be found in living being. From Humans to Animals, the love of a mother is incomparable. Despite of this fact, yet we treat Animals with disgrace.

Only a mother can define her unconditional love for her child. The same can be observed in the Animal Kingdom. A mother gives birth, takes care of the child, nurtures and make them stand on their own, the same goes in the Animal Kingdom, they give birth, make them learn how to protect themselves from predators, hunt food and let them live on their own. There is hardly any difference between the two, then why do we measure of the love of them and share our views on it?

My question to them are: “Are we even a percent of asking this question from those mothers who live in despair when their calf is taken away in front of them while the farmers collect the milk from the Buffalos. Have you even seen their pain?, how restless they become when their calf is no where near them”. This feelings is very rare!

We are no-one to define the Love of a Mother. Because, their love may it be a Human or an Animal- is incomparable and no where to what our imagination can think of!






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