Summers Are Approaching With A Bang!

This year summers have arrived a little earlier as compared to the previous years and there is a fear of an increase in temperature unlike before.

Keeping in mind that the summers come with scorching heat, warm wind blows, at times no rain. The weather tends to be different from other parts of the Countries as the countries which are on equator experience the higher frequency of wind blows as compared to the North side of the Equator. We all know that what it is like living in a Hot Climate. The heat makes our outdoor work difficult and makes us feel fatigue and tired that we end up lethargic on the bed. Similarly, people who have pets either at their homes, shelters or even as strays. It is the responsibility of every person to take care of them as much as you take care of your own child. Kindly follow the bullet points to keep your pet healthy and safe in summers

  1. Place clean water bowl for your pet by his/her side. Always remember to change the water every 3 hours;
  2. Check your pet hair. Since summers are here, the animals tend to have fleas/tick, spotted then visit to the vet or apply flea spray on your pet as per instructed on the bottle;
  3. Keep your pets on the cool pad or if you don’t have it, doesn’t matter. Keep your pet indoors on a floor and avoid taking him on a walk during the day time;
  4. Keep your pet hydrated, don’t give chilled water, instead give mix water not too hot and not too cold;
  5. Give light meals depending what your pet likes eating mostly;
  6. It is important to get your pet vaccinated for tick fever.

Keep in mind all these symptoms and let your furry friend enjoy the summers!





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