They Are Not That Bad, Really!

In most countries, regions and religion, Dogs are considered as filthy animal for multiple reasons.

Yet they have proved to be the best companion and life savior. If you happen to study or read more on Dogs, then you would actually know how much their instincts are best and how well can they protect their pack.

I received this image in my inbox and to my delight I couldn’t hold my excitement and wanted to share with most of my readers. Why not? There should be a day where we can pay a tribute to our living companions, atleast this is something that I was waiting to see for a long time.

Thank you Nepal for loving Animals and making it a safe place for Dogs.





2 responses to “They Are Not That Bad, Really!”

  1. iamvhardik Avatar

    Some thing that brought a smile in these tense times

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    1. henablogforpaws Avatar

      Absolutely, with so much going on and the horrific stories that we get to hear about Animal Abuse, this is on the other end, the happiest news in today’s date

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