Where Are We Headed? Day Of Judgement To Come Soon

The treatment of an Animal defines the person you are

Yes, the way you treat an animal is enough for me to know what kind of a person you are. That is why it is said that a man is judged by the people in his surrounding.

What a year it has been so far, first comes the Covid-19 (deadly virus, which can be treated by care BUT our people care pretty less about it), second comes the Cruelty towards Animals which not by any means has declined but infact the cases of Cruelty has increased during Quarantine. We complain about our miseries, our state of living, being jobless, staying in Quarantine / under strict lock down, no gatherings, no functions, just sticking to home with your families. Ever wondered about what an Animal goes through when you keep them in your control without food or water, tied in chains, abandoned on the street or let to die on the road by themselves while they cannot even defend themselves? Have you thought about it? No right!

Some of you would jump up to ‘why am I comparing Humans with Animals’, well you see, if we don’t realise certain things then we wouldn’t know what’s actually going around us. We have a heart and a mind to function and to use these we need to have the feeling, empathy and care towards the Animals. You know why? Because at the end of the world, we would be asked about Each and Everything, Every Act we did, Every word we uttered, Every look that we gave, we would be answerable to every little thing that we haven’t thought of. These cruelties towards animals is the most coward act of Humans! Such devilish minded people shouldn’t be left out in the open to conduct any heinous act or cause any misery to any Animal.

It is time to correct our acts before it’s too late to ask for forgiveness!






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