Are We Even Humans?

Woke up to a drastic news, a news which literally broke me from the inside, made me lose my morale and the urge of going through the day went all in vain, when I got to know that a pregnant 15 year old Elephant died.

Why? Are we even suppose to be called as Humans after committing this heinous act! Really? The people involved in this pathetic crime should be held accountable for every pain and agony that poor mother elephant went through. What was her fault? She trusted Humans, this was the only fault she made. If she wouldn’t have taken that Pineapple then she would have been alive!!!

Now do you understand the reason of why we Animal Advocate raise voice for the Voiceless, because whenever we try to believe in the fact that there is some humanity left, after each 60 seconds we get to know that there is no such thing as Humanity, but infact, Humans don’t even deserve to be called as Humans! The trust on the two-legged exists no more and therefore, till we don’t find a single case of animal abuse, we would keep striving to make this world a better place for the Animals to live, as they have the equal right as of the Human on this land. Period.

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