When There Is A Will, There Is A Way

There is too much hatred for the Animals in our society that to hear such successful and a beautiful story brings tears to our eyes. These are true tears of Joy because there are only few people who make a move forward to help these Animals.

This story is about a couple who made an effort to rescue animals on their visit to Pakistan. An amazing couple was visiting Islamabad, Pakistan for 5 days to attend a wedding when they came across a dog locked up in a cage in extreme cold with no walks, no food, no blankets. She was heard crying, the couple took her out the same night and paid the owner. She was separated from her mom when she was barely 30 days and kept in this cage for 3 months. As they lived in Dubai, they had to go through all the procedures in order to move the dog with them. They named her North. It took 21 days for them to get North to dubai, meanwhile she was placed with their family in Islamabad.

Today North is the happiest and most spoilt dog in the world! She loves the beaches, extremely pampered, has other dog friends and having the time of her life. They worked so hard to fix her hip because she didn’t knew how to walk properly, sleeping on that stiff cage for so long. She is so happy and loved now! Not only this, this amazing couple rescued and took two more kittens with them also from E 11 market and now those two kittens have turned into two giant bears. They are extremely pampered and loved. North and the kittens are living together in Dubai now. I wish all dogs and cats of Pakistan get this lucky! I always say, at the end of the day its about how willing you are to save the dog/cat!

If you want to save a life, you would do anything and everything. Even turn the impossible into possible. Dont depend and rely on others, do it yourself. Maybe you’re the only chance that voiceless has. I’m so proud of this amazing couple! I had to share their beautiful story! They chose pakistani cats and dog over all the rest they could get easily from their own city. 🌸 We need more people like them! If you want inner peace, try to save a life. That feeling cannot be described. You dont have to be a shelter, and ngo or a rescue team to save a life, just have to be a human.

Shared from JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter

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