Social Media Can Be Used For Spreading Positivity

With so much going on around, one doesn’t expect to see something good on the famous fun app TikTok, where people have been sharing some crazy dance videos to some mimicking or song singing, this is what I came across and found it very interesting and couldn’t resist to share with the readers here.

Whoever this man is, he did the right thing of sharing the video on TikTok, because it is what which is most needed specially nowadays. Everyone wants to be a superhero, everyone wants to earn fame and recognition without doing anything! Yes, this is called short-cut towards successful life. Somehow I want to give an appraisal on the fact that this video is shared on such an app and has been floating on the social media. This is called an act of kindness, where this man is teaching the masses on how to save the bird and to help all the animals out there who are roaming around in search of water and food. In this scorching heat, where we tend to be a victim of heat stroke, don’t forget that these Animals also get heat stroke and fall sick. Just because we don’t have these birds as pets, we don’t get to know about them. So a request to all, to please keep a clean water bowl, and something to eat for these birds in another clean bowl. These animals do feel thirsty and hungry that’s why they fetch around even in this killing weather.

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