Snowy The Rescued Cat

Snowy my new rescued cat who follows me every night without fail when I go for a walk and if instance I go too far from her known area, instead of following me she would just sit there and start calling me. Yeah!!🤷‍♀️

Like it is said, learning never stops so similarly in my case, I tend to learn more each time I come across this not so little kitty cat, as every time I see a ‘new her’. Each day I observe something new about her, as in she gets a bit fierce, a bit of possessive, and a bit agitated, and in return she expects me to pet her right in the middle of the street which would end up in a weird scenario. Literally, in other words it can be phrased as ‘forceful attention’. To all those who own a Cat and are so familiar with this act then kindly get in touch with me as I really wish to know what’s up with my Kitty.

Oh yes, not to forget she just gave birth to kittens. Well though I haven’t seen them as she didn’t introduce them to me and neither showed me where did she keep them. If you’re thinking that she gave birth at my home, we’ll no, she didn’t infact she gave birth somewhere she felt her babies would be safe and comfortable. Though I am glad that she didn’t give birth at my home as I have a Dog who is so possessive and I know, it would be traumatising for him to have other kitties around in the area. I am not cruel and neither someone who would want to hurt the babies or their mother by any means.

Hopefully someday I would be able to see them by my own eyes as am sure, they would be out in the open roaming freely here and there. So, let’s wait and watch.

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