Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

I want to thank Pooja G for passing on this Award to all the Bloggers. This is my second ‘Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award’ and it makes me so proud of myself for the work and the content that I produce. Such awards are really boosters and are very much needed. Whoever is reading this blog, I really want you to head out to her Blog posts as she writes pretty good stuff.


1- Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to her/her Blog;

2- Answer all the questions;

3- Nominate upto 9 Bloggers and ask them 5 new questions;

4- Notify them by a comment or by visiting their Blog Posts;

5- Mention the rules and the logo;

6- Provide the link of award creator Rising Star

Answers to the Questions:

Q1- What are 3 things that you want to learn?

Ans) I am a swift learner and I don’t mind learning any new thing as life is all about learning, so yes, first would be flying a plane, how to play a Guitar and lastly, swimming.

Q2- What inspires you to write?

Ans) The need of spreading positivity and passing the knowledge of the Animals share the same space on this land as of Humans. Their existence counts and there is a purpose of each living being on this land.

Q3- One quote motivate you always?

Ans) ignorance is a bliss

Q4- What do you want to convey through blogs?

Ans) I simply want to create awareness of the presence of Animals on the Earth. We (Humans) are no one to bid on Animals and use them for the sake of our entertainment, fun and toys. These Animals are living being and deserve to live their lives the way their Creator has created as.

Q5- What do you learn from 2020?

Ans) Always be patient and let your Lord do everything that you haven’t even thought of. After of the year 2020 has passed, nobody knew this would ever happen. So in short, make the most of this life before it’s up. Enjoy each moment and be thankful for every blessing.

These were my answers to the questions above.

My Nominees are:

1- Sumaiya Azhar

2- Cancer Killing Recipe

3- Love, Live, Act

4- Forward Dog

5- Dr. Eric Perry

6- Yaasotaa

7- Rendezvous Club

Go ahead and keep on nominating all those Bloggers who you think needs a read.





2 responses to “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award”

  1. Sara Avatar

    congratulations! wonderful answers 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. henablogforpaws Avatar

    Thank you so much!😇


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