Sometimes Silence Speaks UnTold Truth

In a world where humans are living like a butcher, so much greed and hatred for one another, no soft heart for even their families, what have we become? So savage and in other words Devil. We forget our purpose of being on this land, and the reason why we were brought on this land. We all have forgotten and have moved on with our filthy worldly affairs. We forget our purpose, our living standards, our ethics, our values and morals, it’s all gone down the drain. Who is at fault? No one except US. We are responsible for all the curse that we are dealing with is by Allah. We have done nothing good and neither left unharmed to the ones who cannot speak for their rights.

Animals are the innocent souls and yet the easiest target for Human’s disgusting behavior and act. Those acts which sends shiver to the spine would make you hate Humans even more than ever, no one would ever imagine the disgusting act committed by some people on daily basis all over the world. During this pandemic we all should come together and pray hard for our longness and good health because our Lord is very angry, and the anger of the Creator is not good. We should correct our acts and stop our wrong doings, as we never know maybe our Lord forgives us.

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