Often life brings us at an edge where we are unable to express our emotions, no matter how dreadful the situation is, we are still unable to collect ourselves and speak about it. Similarly a sudden news that broke me into pieces and made me stunned that how cruel Humanity has become. We have lost our teachings, our upbringing, our lessons and everything that we were taught by our parents.

I won’t post any pictures on this article to see how many of you read this with the same level of interests even there is no images attached. The point is, we do get carried away when it comes to beautiful pictures or videos being shared of the Animals despite of knowing that the Animal shown in the Image or the video is not living the life that they are used to. Why cannot we (Humans) be sensible enough to boycott visiting the Zoos, Circus, Water Parks where the Animals are mistreated and manhandled, they are starved until they perform well, they are separated from their families, they are whipped, hit so badly that they do not have the courage of harming their human trainer. So much cruelty makes my blood boil and urges me to vouch for the Animal Rights, not because they are Animals but because they are Living Beings just like us. They also have an equal right on this land just as Humans, why do we forget that our actions are not justifying our deeds, and the more the increase in cruelty the more the harm we bring to Humanity.

What’s next?

More horrific incidents would occur, our lives will get more terrible and chaotic and then we will realise what have we done. Then we will realise what torched, brutality and hatred that we have brought on this land that we have to suffer such of a situation. I believe in Karma and Karma will follow you!

My message to all:

It’s better to put your act together and act sane, before time is up for you to ask for forgiveness.

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