Using Animals For Tourism?

One good reason to ride animals? Using them as a ride when you’re touring around, doesn’t makes any sense to me why to sit on their backs while we have been blessed with two legs to walk on?

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The misery this poor Animal went through is something that is very much visible through his eyes. I won’t be surprised if people like you still think that these Animals are use to riding as such. We need to understand what is Animal Cruelty and how it has been practicing at our homeland. There have been numerous stories and documentaries where they (experts, animal conversationist and explorers) have shared their two bits stating that these Animals are trained brutally to get use to such rides where their little ones are tagging along.

So basically it means, that Animal Cruelty didn’t end at any level, as we go higher the more the horrible and the bitter truth we get to listen and witness, but till when can we close our eyes!

Someone has to speak up for the Animals, if you won’t then I will because I can feel the pain of the Animals.

If you want to join my cause then comment below.

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