On The Window Sill

Animals are so cute despite of either we keep them as our pets or no. They would do anything to get our attention whether they would have to hop over the so-called kitchen’s window sill and sit there and look inside what’s happening🤷‍♀️

Those who have been following my posts must have guessed it who is this, this is none other than Snowy my cat, who happens to be a stray but since couple of months she has owned me and I am her care-taker. Despite of her knowing that we have a dog at home, she still sits inside and meows at the door to gather our attention but then again, she knows that she is smarter than the dog and he is inside the house and she is outside the door peeping inside. I mean seriously, I don’t understand of her looking inside, what is she looking at🤷‍♀️I don’t understand that at all, because she has the food and water with her all the time whenever she comes at my place, I always give her food, despite of my mom saying don’t feed her as we have a dog and we don’t want any unforseen situation happening. I do agree but I can’t help it!

Keep following her on my IG: @HenaBlogForPaws she is a gem I tell you!! One of the beautiful🧿kind of a cat who has blue eyes!!

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