My Walking Partner #2

I have named him Tom. He is the most cutest, very gentle and sweet. Whenever he sees me, he simply stays put and waits for me to walk up to him. He was the one to find my snowy when she had almost abandoned her kitten for one of the reason, which you shall know in the upcoming post.

Till then, just stay safe and take care of yourself and your pets during and after Pandemic.

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Author: Hena Osman

An Animal Lover, Blogger for Animal Rights, Animal Enthusiast, Animal Whisperer and an Animal Activist. My blog is all about Educating and Creating Awareness about Animals co-existence in our society. There is a void which is still existing in the mindsets of the people and my articles are all about clearing the concept about how well Humans and Animals can live together on this land with full freedom.

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