Who Is There?

Before entering the house, this is how I am welcomed as soon as I am about to enter the gate of my house. This Cat who I have been feeding since a while has now finally gained my trust and now anxiously waits for me to give her food of her liking. Animals are so sweet that often we don’t get to see such cute gestures by them but once when we gain their trust, they start to mingle with us with love and care as if we are their everything for their whole life.

Like always, for me it is a blessing to be the one who feeds the Animals in the best of my capacity and ability, yes at times it does gets a bit frustrating when I see any injured Cat and I am unable to get the vet costs covered and then I realise that I need someone who can sponsor them. So, whenever I come across any injured animal I try to treat them if it is a minor case or else I make a call to lovely rescuers and then they get them rescued. I wish no animal ends on the street without being loved and cared for.

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