Why Would You Ever Do This?

It is always required to please don’t separate Kittens or Puppies at an early age where they need their mother. The mother always separates her babies after 2 months or max 2.5 months. When the babies are with their mother, they tend to learn and explore things, nature under the shelter of their Mother also are fed and washed by their mother.

If you have noticed or come across people where they complain that their pup of 1.5 month has gone ill and is not recovering it is because the puppy was separated before the required time, why would you do that to your Pet? It is pretty absurd when I come across people who are seeking for Puppies of smaller age and are adamant of having a puppy of 30days!! Despite of several lectures and meet ups they are still at it. In my upcoming post you shall read about how people have the guts of telling me that they are better off than me and also the best for their Pet! My question to them is how can “You be the best, when you don’t know the basic note before having any Pet at home”!

Sometimes I really feel like giving such people good when they talk something so inappropriate and which boils my blood as I know they are at mistake.

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