My Frequent Visitor “Tom”

Tom is one of the most friendliest Cat that I have ever come across. On my usual walk at night, I see this little guy and he looks straight in my eyes as if recognising me and asking me how are you? Yeah I know I might be sounding a bit crazy but guess what, this is a fact. Whenever I go out for walks, couple of other stray cats start calling me and then start playing with each other, while if Tom spots me somewhere, if he is on a wall then he would climb down that wall and follow me at a normal speed without letting me even know until I turn around and spot him and if he sees me walking, he would ‘meow’ and then I would say ‘Hi, How are you?’ and then that’s the moment that he would simply follow me until I reach my house. He sits and waits patiently until he watch me go inside and bring him some food.

This bonding is one of the best thing that I have developed with Cats and all I would say is, not all strays are aggressive and if they are then maybe you need to put your act together and perform wisely. Like it is always said “Be Kind to Animals Always”. Certainly, there would be a reason behind this as well.

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