Winters Are Approaching

It’s that time of the year where we need to keep ourselves warm and away from cold winds. Just the way we feel cold it’s similar to what Animals feel too. Animals tend to develop severe health issues if they are left out unattended in the extreme weather. Whether it’s the summers or winters if both the weathers are extreme, it would be pretty dangerous for the Pets.

Therefore, it is very much requested to please do the following:

If you have Pets in your house then:

1- Keep them warm, not extreme warm but give them their cozy bed or blanket, food and water accessible and limit their outdoor routine except if you are out with them during their walk;

2- Keeping your pets indoors is pretty much advisable as, if your Pets are left outside unattended then he might be able to stay in the cold weather for long as they also have feelings towards certain weather in which they love to enjoy;

3- Precisely, Dogs love cold weather and all the Dog Owners would be able to relate when I say that they are more playful in winters than summers;

4- Keep brushing them as they would shed hair, certain breeds shed hair 365 days but not all;

5- Please avoid giving baths to your pets in cold weather. If they are damn dirty and are stinky, only then and that too in the Sunshine, dry them off completely and don’t let them loose outside in the yard to play.

Following all the above mentioned would help you in keeping your pets safe during the cold weather. Read and spread the word as much as possible.

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