Do You Knock On Your Car’s Hood?

Do you knock on your car’s hood? Well certainly while scrolling my site, this post’s title might make you click on the article and force you to read that what it means. Well many of us know that animals, cats or dogs and even reptiles, they tend to seek refuge inside the car’s engine, under the cars or even the hood of the tyre. This wouldn’t be anything new to all of the car drivers but the reason this is being highlighted is that so you can be sure and as a reminder, to please knock on car’s your hood, bang a bit on your cars all doors so that if any of the cat or dog is either sitting inside or under the car would hear the noise and run from it.

It is that essential, because you won’t be able to sleep peacefully if you get to hurt any of the animal by mistake and later you would live in regret that “what would have happened if I could have atleast for once knocked on the hood or looked underneath the car”.

So be safe and keep an eye on the furry friends, afterall, all they need is shelter to survive the cold weather.

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