Collar Vs Harness: What Is Appropriate For Your Dog

If you have been wondering and thinking about what is best for your Pup/Dog’s health and have been in a fix then you have come to the right place where we will be sharing with you some basic information about Collars and Harness.

When we talk about Dog Leash, then we are basically talking about the image below.

Usually leashes are used when we are taking our dogs on long walks, the only difference between a Leash and a Harness is the ‘amount of pressure’ that is put on his neck due to the collar as it would be pulled by the leash. Most of the Dog Owners wish to have harness on all the time but they forget that putting harness for a longer period of time would become a bit difficult for the dog’s ability to move freely also, the body muscles need to stretch when they are in the rest mode. One of the reasons it is advised to let your dog wear harness only when he is going on a walk or is on training, this way he would understand that the point of wearing that harness is a good activity as in he would be going for walks and for a good time play time.

In the image below you can see the difference:

Though am not against collars as my Doggo also wears a collar infact, all of my dogs have worn collars only because I didn’t need the Harness because the time when I had dogs, they all were given collars at the time they ever came to my place. At the age of 3months, all the puppies wore collars and were use to wearing it so much that on weekends I use to take that off and the puppies use to mind that why am I taking it off and then took it away from me. My house was pretty huge and had a lot of running and playing space for my pets, so I didn’t have to take any dog for walks as they use to do a lot of running in the yard only. The front yard was way huge than the back yard, so the point of sharing this is that I didn’t need to make my dogs wear harness.

But since ever I have moved to a new place, this has a smaller area so I have to make an effort and take my dog on walks and that’s the basic trouble. Will share it on my another blog! Till then stay tuned and do share your ideas and thoughts about this article.

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