Hunting Is Not A Sport

We all know that Hunting for fun is not a sport yet we all do that, our authorities reach out to International Shooters for killing such beautiful Animals for simply just chunk of money!

It is just an inhumane act and something we all need to rectify our act and our behaviour.

The reason I am again writing this blog is because the amount of horrific images that are showing on my FB news feed despite of hiding those images, the news itself is breaking. It is just not my religion which states empathy towards Animals but it is the GOD who gets angry because of our unjustified acts which tends to make our Lord unhappy from us. What do you think, this Pandemic just occurred because China wants to release the virus to end this war of ruling of the Country, NO. It is an act of GOD, the scarcity that the whole world was going through, the richest were the ones who were effected and the poor were the ones who were blessed by those who felt that they have done wrong to their fellow beings and must have hurt their feelings that now the Lord is angry and won’t spare anyone.

Always remember the best of the man is the one who does good even when no one is watching

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