Take Care Of YourSelves By Wearing Masks!!

The least that you can do is wear a mask over your nose till your mouth, it is not to be worn under your chin, over your eyes, under your nose or not wearing at all! Guys, this is not to make fun and neither to take it lightly, it’s a damn serious thing and we all need to be very careful of taking extra care and precautionary measures by social distancing, wearing masks and keeping a sanitiser and disinfecting yourself along with the stuff that you buy from the markets.

This is so pathetic to see how irresponsible you all are. You wear masks and throw it on the streets?? For whom to pick it up? Can’t you discard it in the Trash Can or either keep wearing it until you go home and then throw it in the Bin? What’s so difficult in this? Why don’t you guys understand that just because of your negligence someone else’s life can be threatened, I spotted a Kitty playing with the mask, can you imagine what and how would have I made her leave the damn filthy mask!!! Don’t be such lamers that this Pandemic gets even more worse. It is not the problem of the Government, it is YOUR PROBLEM TO TAKE CARE!! because if you are going to fall sick, you would have someone to take you to the Hospital, ever wondered who would help the Street Animals, who would take care of them? If GOD FORBID, they get the virus from us then that would be an alarming situation of every person living in that street. Because, all those who would have pets can then be easily infected.

You need to be very careful of your act so please act wisely!

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