First Time Exposure To The Streets: My Doggo Diesel

Those who have been following me on my Social Media, only would understand the type of the person I am and what my thinking is about. Being an Animal Enthusiast has lead me to deal with various issues and changes in my social circle as well as my perception towards people. It does also have an impact on what I think, act and listen not saying that I am a selective listener but I am more like a passionate animal whisperer who tends to understand what a certain being is going through and how well do they feel connected to me.

Like I have mentioned plenty of times in my previous blog posts that I have moved to a new place where my doggo stays indoors, so there is more and a lot more responsibility on me since before. My experience of having my doggo take him on a walk for the First Time Ever, have not been miserable at all and I thank to my doggo Diesel for it🧿 Who said, animals don’t understand I think, they are the best communicator, they understand well and intimate us before hand about anything that either is about to happen to us or in our surroundings. I am blessed to have Diesel with me at all times because he has been my stress reliever, my pain reliever and above all my partner at all times, I don’t really care what people think when I do something extra for my baby because I know if I didn’t do anything for him then there won’t be anyone to be there for him as well. It was one night when I finally decided that I would take him on a walk and let’s see how he would react, as usual nobody likes to have their mouth shut and similiar was with him. He didnt like the muzzle and was struggling to get it off. As soon as I took him outside the gate, he first stood calmly and looked here and there with his ears erect. Certainly was analysing the street situation as this was the first time that he was ever exposed to streets. He kept standing there and didnt even move an inch and neither did I force him too because I knew that it’s all New Exposure for him and firstly he needs to get use to this first and we shall begin with walks slowly slowly. Reminder: It is always suggested to not to enforce anything new on your Pet as it can cause severe anxiety and panic attacks.

The first day it was just the factor of getting use to the street. In the next blog I shall let you know how it all started and how far was it successful.

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