How Is Rabid Contracted

My beautiful German Shepherd named ‘German’, was only 3 years old when we lost her to rabies. Many of you would think wasn’t she vaccinated or wasn’t she indoor and so on, but the real reason lies in the detail below.

I wish to share with you all that it doesn’t really matters whether your dog is vaccinated or indoors, it depends on what is contracting the virus.

1) Vaccinations;

2) Diet;

3) Health History;

4) How did she contract she contract the virus and from where.

To answer all the questions I would answer them altogether for you understand much better. My German (we named her German because we were loss of names lol, as we had handful of different breed of puppies so whatever came in mind, we named her). She indeed was the best dog and yes like other pets, her absence is felt at all times and whenever I see a Gsd, it reminds me of her. Like every pet holds a special space and feeling similarly, the same is with German. I would like to tell that despite of being annually vaccinated she contracted the disease #Rabies. It is something that one can do nothing about it and the signs are particular. Once, she caught a rat in the garden and killed it. After a certain period of time, (6months) all a sudden, one morning she was biting the walls, her tail tucked in between her hind legs, eyes blood red and saliva pouring from mouth. As soon as I saw her in this condition, I immediately called the vet and took her to the Hospital. Upon taking her the Vet, they checked her temperature which was 107.4 (high) they told me to call her by her name, I did but she wasn’t responding and she was looking here and there, looked scared and wasn’t in her senses really. She was sitting at the corner while the vet kept ice slabs on her body to lower down the temperature, they also gave her IV and later in the evening they sent her home. I took her home, tried to give her food, her favourite meal, she didn’t eat. As the Vet called me for her IV, I took her there while she was having her second dose of drip, she started howling, and shaking her head ferociously, and then that was the moment where she showed the sign of Rabies. She kept on barking at everything and every person present there. I called her name but she didn’t respond. That was the last time when I actually called her by her name. Later she was put to sleep as nothing could save her, her nervous system was totally damaged because of the rat.

What we learned from this incident is that Rodents do have a virus, and if they eat rat poison which we keep in our gardens or in the kitchen to avoid rats. If any dog gets hold of that infected rat, automatically the virus is transmitted through the teeth veins to the brain cells. As the virus goes in the blood vessels and destroys the whole nervous system eventually causing the animal Rabies.

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