It’s All About Animals And Their Well-Being

Hi, this is Hena Osman from Karachi Pakistan. An Animal Activist, Blogger for the Animal Rights and an Animal Whisperer. A lot of people ask me what is an ‘Animal Whisperer’, most of you are pretty familiar with this title unlike others, for those who don’t know, it actually means to understand/ communicate the language of an Animal through their behaviour abilities. Like whenever I see a stray animal, I know I am connecting with them through their looks. The way they look at me, their gaze tells the whole story, no wonder all these Cats in my neighbourhood are my followers and follow me where ever I go.

If you feel you need guidance in keeping Pets, Parenting advice or in how to normalise your lifestyle with pets then CONTACT ME. I am already helping people in keeping pets and am glad that how they respond and how well they are coping up with giving up on their pets now the same people own them actually!! It tears my heart when I hear that people are abandoning their pets just because their partners are having a difficult time.

Don’t abandon them. Learn how to keep pets, if you HAVE ONE, then OWN IT like your Baby, because they one your family once they step in your home!

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