Summers Are Approaching

Summers are approaching and if it warm for us then it is also warm for the Animals. If you are thirsty, they are too. If you feel hungry, so they do.

All you need to do is:

1- Keep a clean water bowl in your patio, rooftop or garden;

2- Place a bowl with pieces of bread in another bowl, so if any bird is hungry then can eat.

I have seen people placing mud bowls on the green belt of their houses for all the animals so they can have access to some water and food.Certainly it is also important to knock on the hood of your Car before igniting the engine. Also to kick on the tyres of your Car as the cats or dogs can seek shelter under the cars. These poor souls often get hit by the cars as the owners don’t check on their cars.

Following these steps can make you free from guilt of hurting an animal unintentionally.

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