Be Kind And Save A Life

Here is the image for you all to understand when we talk about that Cats / Dogs seek shelter under or inside your car.

1- As you can see, the cat has found a safe place inside the Engine. Therefore knocking on the head of the engine is important;

2- Usually, the Cats take a nap over the place inside the car’s engine where there is a safe spot for them to hide and sleep;

3- It does gets difficult to figure out if the Cat is hidden in the engine or not as sometimes, you won’t even get to know when you start the engine as you won’t hear the ‘meow’;

4- Under the car, all the street animals cats and dogs seek shelter under the car as it’s safe and not too sunny or warm.

If we take care of certain points, it might be possible that we would be able to safe a lot of Animals life.

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