Say No To FireWorks!

One of the most commonly used as a celebration, it does looks beautiful as the sky is lit with colors and designs but honestly, do we need that? Is it essential to use Fire Crackers as a part of our celebration? The season of fireworks is just a month ahead. We often celebrate our various occasions by using fireworks as it adds colors to the event, but we forget that the noise and after affects of the fireworks might be scary for someone else. We need to be aware and careful, while using or taking our pets to the area of Fireworks. Wondering why? The logic of not taking your pets with you in such an area is, that pets often get scared by loud noise and panic as the noise really bothers their ears which can, in true meaning tear their ear membrane and make them deaf for life. It is often said that the environmental cause can be the issue in most of the dogs of fearing such a loud noise. But, this could be stated to the dog’s early life, that how his early days of puppy life was treated and cared of. It is very essential to take care of your pets during fireworks. The common symptoms to find your dog being scared could be:

  1. Hiding
  2. Seeking Comfort
  3. Trembling
  4. Shaking
  5. Urination

If you find your dog opting any such behavior then rather than getting mad at your pet, bring him indoors and make him stay at his favorite spot where, there is less noise and comfort. Dogs, often get scared by Fireworks more than Thunder, because, it has a huge component which can trigger the ear of dogs and that’s what makes them create chaos within themselves. Also, if you find your dog trembling and salivating, then don’t just pet him as it might create more discomfort. Best is to pass on a treat, try talking to him, luring him into your voice so he gets back to normal and act as if you hear nothing at all. Overall, I do experience these kinds of situation with all my dogs. The best is, that my dogs are of different breeds and I have been lucky enough to discover each and every attribute of each of my pet dog. I always make sure to bring my dogs indoors when I hear fireworks, I bring them inside in their favorite spot and let them be at ease. Within no time, they all get back to normal, but I, don’t send them outside till the noise is over!

Fireworks must be fun, but can take away someone’s precious life

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