Rainfall And Pets

The monsoon is here and is ready to take another toll on the karachites by thunderstorm, lightning, heavy to moderate rainfall and like every year, this year we are having sacrificial animals auspicious Occassion this Eid -ul-Adha.

The common pointers that needs to be addressed to the people who have animals:

1) Tieing the animal by the electric pole;

2) Making the animal stand in deep dirty filthy water;

3) Leaving the Animals unattended.

4) Make sure that your Animal is not in the puddle of water when it’s raining because we don’t know when and how does the current flows when one of the electric wire breaks!

The above mentioned pointers are basic necessity which needs your customised attention because it is very important to keep under consideration specially when in Monsoon. The purpose of the Eid-ul-Adha is to take care of the animals which we sacrifice in the name of our Sunnah, the love and the bond that we should share with the animal needs to be pure and therefore it is our duty that we should take care of the Animal in the best of our capacity.

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