You Got Flu? This Is What You Need To Do

Novel-Coronavirus has been round the corner for about 2 years now. We have fought it by the grace of Almighty, we are still going through it and are taking precautions as been told by our Health Authorities. When we talk about Flu or cough, it generally means Allergy. This mainly happens when there is seasonal change and since the weather becomes dry and rough, it is tend to bother our sinus and makes us get under the weather. Ever since Covid-19 has taken over our lives, everything seemed to have taken a new turn. Now this general flu isn’t general anymore because this is where the issue arises, the flu now cannot be taken lightly as extra care is needed and therefore it is requested to do as follows:

1- If you think you have flu or cough, stay away from your pets irrespective to any degree of flu it is;

2- If you want to feed your pets, then kindly wear gloves and then pour food and clean water in their bowl;

3- Though the cases has been rare but why to risk your pets life by exposing them to your skin;

4- If you let your dog lick your face then avoid having physical contact with your pet in order to keep him safe from illness;

5- If you feel your pet is lazy and slow then immediately take him to your Vet.

Taking care of yourself and your Pets under such circumstances is very much needed as nobody knows how can the virus react. So the better it is to stay away from your pet if you have cold.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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