When I Needed A Hand, I Found A Paw

Little angels takes the most space in our hearts which later we cherish with the beautiful bond that we created with them. At times we often neglect what we have treasured with us until GOD makes us realise it by a way or something. We often forget that when we have pets at home, how different life becomes, we get so much responsible because we know that we have someone behind at home who needs to be fed or taken out for their business. How life would have been if I wouldn’t have had a Pet dog or Pet Cats at home! I wonder , but do you?

If you come to think of it then you would also agree to the fact that these Animals have the capacity to grab the negative energy from us and transmit their positive energy which makes us feel relaxed, calm and happy. It is a beautiful sight that when I get home, and I am greeted by my Pet Dog, he is the only being who feels so excited when I enter home. I do feel blessed that my dog understands me well and this is something that most of you would agree. I get to know that my Dog is being concerned about my bad day daywork, or if mom is yelling at me, he simply snubs in the middle and takes the matter in his hand.

I know I can trust on my paw more than Hand.

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